Reliable Indicators of a True Friendship

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By Mark E Crossley |

“A true friend loves at all times”. Proverbs 17 : 17

Friends are probably the most important part of our lives. All of us have friends or acquaintances. Do you ever take time to consider which are your friends and which are acquaintances. If you do, how can you tell the difference? And what sort of influence do they have on you?

A True friend makes you smile on Grey days. A True friend would honestly tell you when you are wrong. A true Friend will understand and will not make you explain. A True friend is someone you can look across the room at and they will know exactly what you are thinking.
A true friend is a person who you can share your secrets with and who you can have a laugh with. A true friend never forgets the best times of your life with whether it is fun, sad or surprising or whatever.
Friends are those who motivate, support and encourage you, Is this what your friends are like or do they have the reverse affect on you. Clearly friends have some very special characteristics, acquaintances however are people who we come into contact with on a fairly superficial basis and have little influence over us at all.
On the other hand there are those who are neither of the above but are directly against us achieving our personal goals in our walk of life. It is easy enough to respond positively to a friend but how about our enemies!
In nearly every case we need to thank God for our friends and pray to God for our enemies that their hearts may be softened towards us and changed. Jesus called his disciples and followers his friends. He also wants you to be his friend. As friends go you could find no better friend than Jesus. Is your heart aiming for him?
Jesus is a friend who will never let you down Is this evident in your life or do you need to find out. Speak to someone you know that goes to church and they will explain to you who their true friend is. Jesus should be their reply! And yours could be too.
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